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Artist William Cain was born in Pasadena, CA. and began his study of art at a young age with his artistic parent's guidance. He attended the School of Visual Arts in N.Y. and has done studies thru numerous Fine Arts Academies while living between N.Y. and the capitals of Europe. His 15 years as a model, TV actor, and fashion illustrator allowed him to visit and interact with the cultures both old and new of Europe from which he draws his inspiration. His use of color and chiaroscuro (light and dark shading) has enabled him to capture the basic elements of a time both innocent and whimsical which may be fading but is never forgotten. He says he thinks of his painting as jewels (some are diamonds, some ruby's some emeralds) but he wants people to be able to live with and enjoy his art and to pass it down thru the generations. Except for the outlining of the main subjects most all of the paint is applied with his fingers which allows him to blend the oil paint like his pastels. He considers his work to be neo-impressionistic. He has done numerous shows and has an international following.